These videos were produced by past REU participants. Future REU students will be required to produce similar videos about their summer research.

Water Tunnel Experiments for Studying Separation Control over Shark Skin

An undergraduate researcher explains the theory behind how shark skin may function to control flow separation along with the flow facility and measurement set up he is using to better study this research problem.

Passive control of thermoacoustic instabilities in lean premixed combustion

An undergraduate student explains how high-temperature porous insert made by 3D additive manufacturing is used to mitigate noise and thermoacoustics problems in low-emission combustion systems for power generating gas turbines.

Wake Profiles behind Flexible Membrane Wings with Free Leading-edges

This research on flexible membrane wings was performed during the summer of 2013 in the low speed wind tunnel located at The University of Alabama. The video is a brief summary of what was investigated and how the research was performed.

Laser-Based Measurements of Flame-Generated Soot

This research on characterization of flame-generated soot was conducted during the summer of 2013 in a laboratory in the South Engineering Research Center at The University of Alabama. The video illustrates the layout and alignment of the laser, optics, and detectors used in the Rayleigh light-scattering experiments, which were used to measure soot in a laminar diffusion flame.

Surface Patterning: Controlling Fluid Flow Through Dolphin Skin Biomimicry

REU student: Lawren Gamble
Mentor: Dr. Amy Lang

This research looked at the effect of patterning a hydrofoil with transverse sinusoidal grooves, modeled after dolphin skin, on flow separation. Flow measurements were taken in the water tunnel facility at the University of Alabama using digital particle image velocimetry.